The Ruth and Sam Ford House by Bruce Goff
Aurora, Illinois

Research for Restoration is conducting a thorough investigation of the Ruth and Sam Ford House, designed by renowned twentieth century architect Bruce Goff.  Built in 1949-50, the house is the premier remaining example of Goff’s residential work. This historic structures report will include a detailed review of the building's history and current condition, as well as recommendations for its future preservation.  A National Register nomination, based on the Ford House's national significance has also been written and is being submitted for review.

In addition, the evolution of the design of the house is being studied.  As a part of this process, animations were created of each of Goff's three schemes for the house.   

The form of the first scheme, which is the scheme that was eventually built, was based on Quonset hut ribs rotated around a central axis .

In order to reduce the cost of the house, Goff's second scheme used the Quonset hut ribs in their typical linear configuration.

Ruth Ford objected the second scheme because of her association of the traditional Quonset form with military housing used during World War II.  The third scheme dispenses with the Quonset ribs altogether, but retains other components of the first two schemes, such as the first scheme's semi-circular coal wall and the second scheme's two story kitchen-bedroom structure.

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